Office Policies


Being a surgical practice, it is sometimes challenging to stay on schedule. We still make a priority to limit as much waiting time as possible for our patients.

We ask that new patients and surgical patients arrive 15-20 minutes prior to their appointment time. This ensures that you will have enough time to fill out the required forms. Please call our staff if you aren’t sure if you need to arrive early for your appointment.

Your First Appointment

After we conduct an isolated examination, the problem can be determined and treatment options can be discussed with you. However, if the doctor performs a comprehension examination, she will study your data and X-rays to reach a diagnosis specific to you. She will then create a treatment plan and review it with you during the second appointment. If you have been provided with X-rays from your examination, we ask that you bring them to ensure a proper diagnosis.

Patients who normally take antibiotic pre-medications for cleanings should pre-medicate for their examination. If you are unsure as to whether you need to pre-medicate, please contact your physician.

Remember to bring your dental insurance card if you have dental insurance. In order to file your benefits, we must have the insured’s name, social security number, employer and group number. Your insurance company may require referrals from your general dentist for you to receive coverage for examinations and treatments. For your specific benefit information, please call your insurance company.

We are the premier Dental Implant Center in Dartmouth, Massachusetts featuring the most advanced dental treatment we ensure that our clients receive the highest standard of care, by clinical specialists, assuring a renewed quality of life.


New patients will be asked to complete several forms providing health history and general information. Feel free to print, complete and bring the online version below to your first appointment.